Sms4Domino in a nutshell

Sms4Domino provides SMS (short messaging service) send and receive capabilities for IBM Lotus Domino Servers.  The product is fully integrated within the Domino infrastructure: configuration data is stored in nsf files, logging info may be found in log.nsf, commands are issued via the Domino console, SMS messages are sent and received as Notes mail messages, Sms4Domino leverages well known Domino features as mail routing, replication and clustering.

Sms4Domino is also a perfect companion product for IBM Lotus Traveler.  Using SMS mode for auto sync can decrease the burden on the battery and increase the amount of time between battery recharges.  Lotus Traveler requires the presence of a mail-to-sms gateway.  Sms4Domino is ready for it !

The system is based on a flexible and modular design.  Applications and end users supply requests for sending SMS messages via Sms4Domino interfaces.  Received SMS messages and delivery reports are returned via the same interfaces.  The Notes mail interface is used to integrate Sms4Domino with the mail client.

Once the request has been processed by an interface the SMS leaves the Domino server towards the GSM network via a gateway.  A typical example of a gateway is a serial modem gateway: a quad-band industrial GSM modem is connected via a COM port to the server.  As an alternative the system may be configured to use a SMS service provider (Clickatell, BulkSMS) for sending the SMS messages.

Sms4Domino may be deployed as a multi-server application.  Sms4Domino uses Domino mail routing to route the request for sending a SMS to the Domino server that has the lowest cost for sending the message.

Sms messaging is not free of charge.  Management needs tools to monitor this cost.  Sms4Domino generates accounting info to track the volume for each user, gateway and interface.

More detailed info is found in the Product section of this web site.  A pdf version of the manual and a Powerpoint presentation are available in the Support section.


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