FileSendr Add-on

FileSendr Add-on is a free add-on to the FileSendr application.  FileSendr is available for download on the OpenNtf website.  With fileSendr you upload your big attachments to the fileSendr web interface and then use it to send an email message to your recipient that contains a link to download the file.

The Add-on simplifies the process for the end users.  They just mail the file in the standard way.  The add-on - together with some mail rules configured on the server - moves the mail into the fileSendr application, generates the secret key and informs the recipients.

A new version 1.2 has been released on June 18, 2012.

The download is available here for free to all Domino users.  It is distributed under the terms of the Apache V2 license.  Do not forget to download and install the FileSendr application first before trying to install the add-on.

All documentation, questions, suggestions may be found on the website of OpenNtf.

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