Version 3.3 has been released

Version 3.3 has just been released in February 2013 ! This version offers some significant enhancements compared to version 2:

  • Improved algorithms for handling Sms messages received from the GSM network.  The administrator configures a combination of algorithms that will be executed on every received Sms:
    • Fixed routing: all Sms messages received from <number> are routed to <Notes mail address>.
    • Manual routing: the received Sms is stored in the Sms4Domino database.  One or more administrators are alerted by email.  They read the Sms and forward it to the appropriate Notes user.
    • Content based routing: the content of the received Sms is scanned for a pattern (e.g. **John**).  Based on this pattern the Sms is mailed to a Lotus Notes user.
    • Auto-matching routing: when John/Acme sends a SMS via his Lotus Notes client to number 1234567 and some hours later a Sms is received from the same number 1234567 then Sms4Domino routes this return message back to John/Acme.  This systems works perfectly if there is a one-to-one relation between the Lotus Notes user and the GSM owner. 
      What happens when two Notes users (John and Jane) share a list of GSM numbers and both send a SMS to 1234567.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino detects a routing conflict.  The conflict is resolved by one or more conflict handlers:
      • most recently used: suppose John has sent a SMS to 1234567 at 8:00 AM and Jane has sent one to the same number of 3:00PM.   At 3:30 PM a return SMS is received from 1234567.  Sms4Domino routes the SMS to Jane's mailbox.
      • most frequently used: suppose John has sent 10 SMS messages to 1234567 during the last week.  Jane has sent 1 SMS message to 1234567 during the same period.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino routes it to John's mailbox
      • send to all: John, Jane and Paul have sent SMS messages to 1234567 during the last week.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino routes it to the mailboxes of John, Jane and Paul
      • send to Sms4Domino administrator: Sms4Domino detects a conflict and sends the message (or just an alert) to the Sms4Domino administrator.  The administrator may take manual action by specifying who should get this SMS
  • Error codes received from the modem are converted into plain text.
  • Improved reliability and scalability in multi-server configurations.  The Sms4Domino databases may be replicated over different Domino servers.  The best results are achieved when using clustered Domino servers.
  • Least cost routing of Sms requests.  Sms4Domino will route the request for sending a Sms to the server that has the lowest operational cost for sending the Sms message.  As an administrator, you control the rules for determining the best server.
  • Use of whitelists/blacklist to allow/deny Notes users to send SMS messages.
  • Improved generation of accounting records.

More detailed information is available in the Product Presentation or Help File.

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Version 2.0 has been released

Version 2 has just been released ! This version offers some significant enhancements:

  • Possibility to send SMS messages via a service provider.  Currently we support Clickatell and BulkSMS.
  • You may ask for a one month evaluation license.  This product features may be used.  We just add a short intro to every outbound SMS message.
  • Possibility to use an (old) GSM modem for sending and receiving SMS messages.  This configuration is not recommended for production environments but makes it possible to evaluate the product without any purchase.