Key features (V3.3)

  • Fully integrated within Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino.
  • Runs with any other mail client. No client software required.  Any application that has a SMTP interface may use Sms4Domino.
  • Transparant to use—no training required.
  • Automatic character set recognition.  UTF-8 character set  is supported.
  • Possibility to send and receive large Sms messages.  Sms4Domino automatically performs the split or assembly info/from a multipart Sms.
  • May be used as the mail-to-Sms gateway for IBM Lotus Traveler SMS push.
  • Important messages are sent as Flash Sms messages.
  • Use of whitelists/blacklist to allow/deny Notes users to send SMS messages.
  • Delivery confirmations received from the GSM network are routed back to the sender.
  • Scalable solution.  Just connect more modems to your server.  Or install more Sms4Domino servers.
  • Least cost routing: Sms4Domino routes the Sms request to the instance that has the lowest total cost for performing the action.
  • Installs in 30 minutes by the Domino administrator.  Sms4Domino does not require a relational database or other non-Domino software.
  • Accounting records are created in the accounting  database (.nsf) for every SMS.  Aggregated accounting records may be kept for long term use.
  • Granular logging of all events.  Output of the logging is directed to the Domino console, log.nsf, file system, ...
  • Modular architecture based on SMS gateways for communication with the GSM network and interfaces for communicating with end users and applications.
  • May be used in Domino clustered environments.  Two clustered Sms4Domino servers achieve improved reliability and higher throughput.

More detailed information is available in the Product Presentation or Help File.