Multi-server architecture

Sms4Domino may be installed on multiple Domino servers.  The main reasons for working in such a multi-instance configuration are

  • Improved reliability: when one Domino server becomes unavailable users may continue sending SMS messages via one the other servers.  Domino routing and replication may be configured in such a way that this is transparant for them.
  • Least cost routing: in a multi-country environment it may be cheaper to use Domino replication to route the request to a server that has a low cost Sms connection to the requested destination.  The configuration of the least-cost routing is very flexible and takes into account the phone cost, the replication cost and the workload of the instances.
  • Clustering: mail is considered as a critical service by many companies.  Domino clustering is frequently used in these environments.  Sms4Domino may also be used in a clustered environment offering improved reliability and throughput.