System Requirements

Following info relates to version 3.0 or higher of Sms4Domino.

Server side requirements

Sms4Domino program may be installed on a Domino server or on a Lotus Notes client.  

    • IBM Lotus Domino Server version 8.x or 9.x (32 or 64 bit) running on Windows.
    • IBM Lotus Notes clients version 8.x or 9.x running on Windows

Sms4Domino is a Java program that uses the JVM supplied with Lotus Notes or Domino.

Client side requirements

Any client capable of sending mail via the Domino router: Lotus Notes, iNotes, Lotus Traveler client, Outlook, custom application that implements the SMTP protocol.

Lotus Notes 8.x or 9.x client for managing the system.

SMS Service providers

Clickatell and BulkSms have been validated for use with Sms4Domino (outbound only).

Hardware requirements

GSM modems are controlled by a standard set of AT-commands. We strongly recommend the use of industrial grade GSM modems connected to a COM or Ethernet port:

    • Cinterion Mc55i (modem)
    • Atop SE5000 Serial server

Consult the web site of smslib for a list of modems they have tested.