Use cases

  • Offer a more user friendly way to end users for sending and receiving SMS messages.
  • SMS-enable Lotus Notes and other applications.  Consider sending a SMS alert when the status of a dossier is changed or when urgent attention is needed.
  • Lotus Traveler companion.  In order to conserve battery life of the mobile phones Lotus Traveler may be configured to send SMS messages for informing the smartphone that a sync is required.  Lotus Traveler has no build-in SMS capabilities.  It requires the presence of a mail-to-sms gateway.  Sms4Domino has been tested for use with Lotus Traveler.


        Power consumption without SMS sync                 Power consumption with SMS sync


Lotus Traveler is top-1 battery user on
this Android phone.


With SMS sync enabled Lotus Traveler
is no longer listed as a top consumer.
  • Most network and system monitoring software, including Lotus Domino event handlers, may send a mail or SMS when a critical condition has been detected.
  • End users no longer forget to attend a meeting by setting SMS based reminders on their calendar items.