You are invited to evaluate Sms4Domino.  Fill in following form and we will mail you - normally this will happen within 24 hours - an evaluation license file.  The license is valid for one month.  You will be able to use the full product.  Outbound SMS messages will have a short message in front of the text.

Although we recommend using an industrial grade modem you could consider using one of the tested mobile phones (GSM) during this evaluation period.

You should also download the run-time files.

Consult the Software License Agreement.

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Domino user name * The hierarchical user name that will execute Sms4Domino.  (e.g. Admin/Person/Acme) When running as a server add-in this is the same as the server name.  If running as a standalone program this is the active userid of the Notes client.
Project description Enter a short description of your project.   Do you have any special requirements ?