How to purchase

In order to run Sms4Domino you need a valid license file.  The license is valid for a single Domino server.  In case Sms4Domino runs as a standalone program the license is valid for one workstation.

The license allows you to run the program and includes one year of maintenace and upgrades.  You may need to renew the license after this period.

Licenses are obtained via a Sms4Domino reseller or via this website.  Soon you will be able to pay your license via Pay Pal.  Meanwhile you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

All prices are VAT excluded.  Software is delivered via e-mail.  Hardware delivery may incur additional delivery and administration charges.

Consult the Software License Agreement.







 Sms4Domino license

   - one server 

   - one configuration database

   - unlimited serial modems

   - unlimited users

   - one year support by email

   - one year upgrades

 Each Sms4Domino instance requires a separate license.


  975,00 euro


One additional year of support and upgrades

  - for one server - one configuration database

  - unlimited modems and users

  - one year support by email

  - one year upgrades


 245,00 euro


 Cinterion GSM quadband modem MC55iT

   - for COM connection

   - includes antenna, power supply and serial cable

   - requires SIM card


 167,00 euro


 ATOP single port Ethernet Serial Server SE5001-S2

   - connects the Cinterion modem to Ethernet LAN

   - includes power supply

   - requires Ethernet cable


 145,00 euro


 ATOP dual port Ethernet Serial Server SE5002

   - connects up to two Cinterion modems to Ethernet LAN

   - includes power supply

   - requires Ethernet cable


 220,00 euro

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