Version 3.3 has been released

Version 3.3 has just been released in February 2013 ! This version offers some significant enhancements compared to version 2:

  • Improved algorithms for handling Sms messages received from the GSM network.  The administrator configures a combination of algorithms that will be executed on every received Sms:
    • Fixed routing: all Sms messages received from <number> are routed to <Notes mail address>.
    • Manual routing: the received Sms is stored in the Sms4Domino database.  One or more administrators are alerted by email.  They read the Sms and forward it to the appropriate Notes user.
    • Content based routing: the content of the received Sms is scanned for a pattern (e.g. **John**).  Based on this pattern the Sms is mailed to a Lotus Notes user.
    • Auto-matching routing: when John/Acme sends a SMS via his Lotus Notes client to number 1234567 and some hours later a Sms is received from the same number 1234567 then Sms4Domino routes this return message back to John/Acme.  This systems works perfectly if there is a one-to-one relation between the Lotus Notes user and the GSM owner. 
      What happens when two Notes users (John and Jane) share a list of GSM numbers and both send a SMS to 1234567.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino detects a routing conflict.  The conflict is resolved by one or more conflict handlers:
      • most recently used: suppose John has sent a SMS to 1234567 at 8:00 AM and Jane has sent one to the same number of 3:00PM.   At 3:30 PM a return SMS is received from 1234567.  Sms4Domino routes the SMS to Jane's mailbox.
      • most frequently used: suppose John has sent 10 SMS messages to 1234567 during the last week.  Jane has sent 1 SMS message to 1234567 during the same period.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino routes it to John's mailbox
      • send to all: John, Jane and Paul have sent SMS messages to 1234567 during the last week.  When a return SMS is received from 1234567, Sms4Domino routes it to the mailboxes of John, Jane and Paul
      • send to Sms4Domino administrator: Sms4Domino detects a conflict and sends the message (or just an alert) to the Sms4Domino administrator.  The administrator may take manual action by specifying who should get this SMS
  • Error codes received from the modem are converted into plain text.
  • Improved reliability and scalability in multi-server configurations.  The Sms4Domino databases may be replicated over different Domino servers.  The best results are achieved when using clustered Domino servers.
  • Least cost routing of Sms requests.  Sms4Domino will route the request for sending a Sms to the server that has the lowest operational cost for sending the Sms message.  As an administrator, you control the rules for determining the best server.
  • Use of whitelists/blacklist to allow/deny Notes users to send SMS messages.
  • Improved generation of accounting records.

More detailed information is available in the Product Presentation or Help File.